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Managing Conflict

Carmichael Centre
9:45AM - 1:00PM

This workshop will explore what every Board and Committee experiences on a regular basis, but sometimes are afraid to name: conflict. Conflict resolution training will provide tools that you can use within your organisation, particularly during meetings. The workshop will outline the function of conflict and how different personality traits respond and react to conflict. You will gain insights from applied psychology and good practice models for functioning and maintaining understanding at meetings and reducing the negative impact of conflict. 

Main areas covered:

  • What is conflict?
  • Introduction to conflict styles
  • Where and when do team conflicts happen?
  • Passive Resistance and other signs of conflict
  • Change & Conflict
  • Managing Stress in conflict
  • Process & Confidentiality



Jessica Hayden
Elan Vital Growth & Innovation Ltd.

Elan Vital Growth & Innovation Ltd. are a new company taking a fresh approach to organisational development, people development and service design. We work with both not-for-profit and for-profit entities as there are many tools and processes that work in both worlds; we know because we’ve worked in both fields. We specialise in action-based, bespoke learning that help organisations and their people design custom solutions for their individual needs. We specialise in applying the Design Thinking Process to tricky problems. We have experience designing solutions for charities, national bodies and all types of adult learners and we work with associates who have expertise in resilience, interactive design, leadership development and coaching.

Target Audience: 
No matter what your role is: Board/Committee Member, Staff or Volunteer, at some stage you will experience conflict within these settings. Come along and gain insights into the function of conflict and how it can be used in a positive light.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Describe the process of tension, conflict and resolution approaches

  • Practice conflict resolution techniques

  • Identify good practice for positive use of conflict 


Carmichael Centre Resident Members: €60

Other Community Voluntary Charity Organisations: €70

Statutory/Corporate Organisations: €80


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