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Risk Management (E-Learning)



Enjoy this e-learning course from the comfort of your own home or office.  The advantages of e-learning include:

On-demand availability enabling you to complete training conveniently at any time from any place

Working at your own pace reducing stress and increasing satisfaction

Enjoying the interactivity which will keep you engaged as you work your way through the course content

Take a break from the course if you need to and come back to it at a later time, picking up where you left off (available for 30 days from the day you commence the course)

Download all of the course material on completion.


The Course - Risk Management

To enable learners develop a comprehensive understanding of Risk Management within an organisation and the tools which can be employed to minimise risk.

Understand Risk

Identify and discuss examples of risk in an organisation (good risk / bad risk)

Understand Risk Categories



Compliance (Legal or Regulatory)



Environmental or External

Understand Risk Management and Know Why It Is Important

Identify and understand relevant risks

Evaluate risks / Prioritise risks

Monitor risks and report on their management

May be a legal/regulatory/compliance requirement

Reduce possibility of failing to realise objectives

Reduce possibility of reputational damage

Better decision making

Recognise opportunities to benefit from risk

Understand What Makes A Good Risk Management System

Risk Management Policy

Risk Management Officer

Risk Management Process

Risk Register

Systems and Controls

Monitor and Report

Target Audience: 
Are you a Board member / Senior Executive Officer of a voluntary or community group? Do you need to develop or enhance your understanding of Risk Management?

Understand the nature of risk in voluntary and charitable organisations

Categorise risks

Explain the four stages in the Risk Management Cycle

Explain how to implement a Risk Management System in your organisation



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