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Spreadsheets - Microsoft Excel Comprehensive 1 Day Course

Carmichael Centre
9:45AM - 4:00PM

Starting with the basics and covering as much material as you are able for, this 1 day course is perfect for those keen to learn how to use spreadsheets efficiently and effectively. You will gain a good knowledge of the tools available for use in Microsoft Excel.


Feedback on best features of the course from previous participants:

“Good pace, content all relevant.”

“Excel was entirely new for me so Andrew got me up to speed very quickly and feel confident after the lessons/handouts.”

"The whole course was very helpful. The handouts were very useful, formulas are a great help.”

“Very practical – helpful in work.”

“Very well planned and prepared.”


Andrew Madden
Carmichael Centre

Andrew Madden, Training & E-Learning Officer, Carmichael Centre, has extensive experience in designing & delivering customised IT training courses in the main Microsoft Applications to a wide range of clients for many years.  

Target Audience: 
People with little or no knowledge or experience of using Microsoft Excel.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

·      Open A New Spreadsheet

·      Add / Rename Worksheets

·      Identify Data Types

·      Enter Data / Text

·      Select Data / Text

·      Format Data / Text

·      Use Basic Formulae

·      Copy Formulae

·      Use Autofill

·      Use Built-In Functions

·      Enter Columns / Rows

·      Delete Columns / Rows

·      Sort Data

·      Use Print Options

·      Use Absolute Cell Reference

·      Protect Cells / Sheets

·      Use the If Function

·      Use Nested Ifs

·      Use SumIF / CountIf


Carmichael Centre Resident Members: €120

Other Community Voluntary Charity Organisations: €140

Statutory/Corporate Organisations: €160

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