Sector Supports

40,000 people throughout Ireland access Carmichael Centre services and supports annually.

Sector Supports

Carmichael Centre is the first and largest shared services centre for the community and voluntary sector in Ireland.

As a social enterprise serving the Irish Community and Voluntary Sector, the Centre has developed a range of specialised services to nurture and support the growth of not-for-profits throughout Ireland.
In-house Shared Services (Local Provision)
Within the Centre, resident charities can develop at a pace that suits their members’ needs, learning from one another as well as from experienced professional Centre staff.

Accessing Shared Services on a Reach-in Basis (National Provision)
Organisations based throughout Ireland can apply to use the facilities in Carmichael House whenever they are in Dublin and need to do so. Carmichael Centre’s Reach-in strategy has also provided an excellent resource for Dublin based organisations who wish to add capacity at minimal cost.

Accessing Shared Services on an Outreach Basis (National Provision)
The Centre delivers a broad range of training and consultancy to not-for-profits throughout Ireland. Such support is customised to suit the developmental needs of individual clients. Training and consultancy encourages the adoption of models of best practice with respect to planning, staff management, board governance, legal and financial compliance, and communications and quality assurance.

Governance Code Support Service / Consultancy

Carmichael Centre is home to 47 charities and provides shared services and targeted support internally to over 30,000 people each year. Within the Centre people network, share resources, share ideas and inspire each other every day.
Carmichael Centre KnowledgeNET is a Virtual Hub for Irish Not For Profit Organisations. Use KnowledgeNET to access management and governance best practice, news and views of relevance to the Not For Profit Sector and over 50 articles contributed by a host of specialist contributors from the corporate and not for profit sector.
Carmichael Centre corporate services provide full office solutions for charities and meeting facilities to suit all business needs. Our suite of services include: Office accommodation, meeting rooms, catering, payroll, management accounting, ICT, mailroom, direct marketing, mail forwarding services, hot desking. We can tailor a cost effective corporate service solution to suit your organisational needs.
Carmichael Centre Training and Consultancy creates learning environments nationwide in which Not-For-Profit organisations identify new ways to make best use of their resources. The range of targeted solutions includes: Community training programmes, governance and board developments, leadership and management training, bespoke/customised training for individual organisations and assistance with strategic planning, quality assurance, communication planning, human resource management and financial management.
Carmichael Centre social enterprise helps organisations to make best use of their resources to achieve both economic and social gain for their communities. Enterprise supports provided includes training, action learning, opportunities/networking and business facilities appropriate to budding social entrepreneurs and existing social enterprises.