Sector Supports

40,000 people throughout Ireland access Carmichael Centre services and supports annually.

Office Accommodation

Carmichael Centre provides cost effective and fully serviced office space to accommodate staff and volunteers of small voluntary and community groups. A range of different accommodation options may be availed of including:

  • Shared desk – in this arrangement, one organisation uses the shared desk in the morning, whilst a second organisation uses the space during the evening. This option has proven popular with small, volunteer led charities who wish to move into a shared services space on a limited budget
  • Shared Office – As the name suggests several organistions share an open office space. A popular choice for organisations who may have one/two members of staff to accommodate and who wish to enjoy the networking benefits of a shared work space
  • Sole Occupancy Office – As organisations develop and grow, their accommodation requirements can increase to a point where several people in an agency may need to share a single office space

Organisations who wish to establish offices in Carmichael Centre must apply to become Resident Members. Once office space has been allocated to a resident member, the full range of shared services and supports may be accessed by that member organisation.

For any inquiries please email